The foundation of salt-based cleaning

All mammals, including humans, produce hypochlorous acid within their bodies to fight off infection and germs. Scientists in the late 1800s, including Michael Faraday, discovered a process to produce hypochlorous acid outside of the body through a process of electrolyzing salt and water, creating a germ fighting disinfectant.

By running electricity through a simple brine solution of salt and tap water (electrolysis), a powerful, but totally safe cleaning and disinfecting solution is produced. Nontoxic and free of harsh chemicals, Hypochlorous Acid, and its proprietarily filtered derivative Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), offer focused concentrations of cleaning power for every cleaning occasion at home and at work.

Due to its germ fighting properties, Hypochlorous Acid was used heavily on the battlefields of both world wars and in operating rooms ever since. Today Hypochlorous Acid, as well as Sodium Hydroxide, have a wide range of applications including cleaning products, fruit and veggie wash, skin care and cosmetics, eye care, wound care, and oral care.

Salt Science has substantiated the safety and effectiveness of its products through testing, certifications, and proof through industry articles. To see the breadth of our product safety and efficacy.

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