A unique combination of industry, and cross industry, experiences bring potential for fast growth
John Doe

Randall Satin

Co-Founder & CEO

Randall Satin is a true entrepreneur, having spent 30 years in commercial supply including being at the forefront of the LED lighting conversion. Randall has also recently developed self-guided tours in dozens of languages for the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.

Nix Maxwell

Chris Hegerfeld


Chris has developed and managed many successful brand and licensing programs for such iconic national and global companies as Coleman, Everlast, The Sharper Image, Dickies, Frigidaire, and Morton Salt.

Nix Maxwell

Michael Eisenberg

Co-Founder & EVP, Sales

In the 1990s, Michael developed the first interactive self-service kiosks and in the last 20 years, he has been at the forefront as a consultant in the U.S. Green Building and sustainability movement. Mike most recently was a consultant for Terminix International.

Nix Maxwell

Dr. Krishna Israni

Co-Founder & Medical Consultant

Dr. Krishna Israni completed his Medical Residency at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and is a General Medicine Physician at City MD Urgent Care.

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